DELLORTO presents the “E-POWER” project and the partnership with FANTIC for a 100% Italian E-scooter creation.

The E-Power system can be recharged from normal 220V domestic sockets without the need of dedicated recharging infrastructures.
The project is oriented towards urban mobility (motorcycles and small cars), but not only, the project also plans to bring the quality and innovation of the E-Power product to other areas, such as industrial machines, logistics, garden, karts, scooters … a 360 ° E-Power!

Recently, the automotive sector has been the protagonist of a huge revolution in the direction of sustainable mobility and most companies are showing interest in cooperating for the development of a virtuous ecosystem, with the aim of synergistically build a sustainable future.
The partnership with FANTIC is born for the realization of the concept of the first Fantic electric scooter, a 100% Italian vehicle, designed and built in Veneto and Emilia, equipped with motor, inverter, VCU and DC / DC E-Power, a project born from the partnership between DELLORTO, Energica and Reinova.
The 3 kW electric motorization can be mapped with three configurations. In addition to the L1 category vehicle, the L3 version project (equivalent to 50cc and 125cc endothermic) is also envisaged. It will be equipped with a 2250Wh lithium battery and can be implemented with a second battery thus obtaining a capacity of 4500 Wh, guaranteeing an autonomy of over 100 km. The vehicle will be produced entirely in Italy. Particular attention was given to eco-sustainability right from the production processes, choosing manufacturing processes with low environmental impact. The “power unit” is fit on a Fantic chassis with a die-cast aluminum trellis frame with great lightness and driveability.

The E-Power project – an innovative electric propulsion system for sustainable urban mobility – born in July 2019 between Dell’Orto S.p.A. and Energica Motor Company S.p.A. has developed further and involved the Reinova company, strengthening the services to OEMs and expanding the product range.
The three companies share common values: pride in being 100% Italian companies, advanced technological know-how, open mindedness focused on innovation and continuous improvement and the strong desire to support the transition to a more virtuous and environmentally friendly mobility.
In fact, the goal of the collaboration between the three companies is to boost the promotion and marketing of powertrain systems for urban mobility and for the large-scale diffusion of electrification of applications up to 15kW.
The E-Power system consists of a VCU, INVERTER, DC / DC, E-MOTOR and a battery pack. The rated operating voltage of 48V avoids all risks associated with the use of high voltage systems, in favor of safety.
The inverter group is the device that converts the direct current coming from the battery into alternating current which controls the electric motor. The E-Power system inverter is a module that also integrates the VCU (brain of the system) and the DC / DC converter that powers the vehicle’s 12V electrical network that powers the lights, the dashboard, etc. In this way it is possible to simplify the installation of E-Power. The electric motor is currently available in 2 power sizes which allow to cover a wide range of applications. Both the motor and the inverter are air-cooled and therefore no cooling systems with radiators, pumps and pipes are required.
The E-Power system was tested on a new electric motor test bench in the DELLORTO Research and Development laboratories.