A passion for carburators…. a story that begins in 1933

When you mention DELLORTO the first thing that comes to mind is the carburator!
Who has never taken apart a DELLORTO? Who has never had a jet or needle in his hands?

The carburator is not a simple piece of metal but a true mechanical gem. Taking one apart constitutes a test of skill and denotes a true passion for two wheels.
Think of the ritual of changing the top jet, putting the needle at the right notch to gain power, or-for the more “geeky”-intervening on the carburation so as to achieve the correct air-fuel mixture.
Our champions, who challenged each other to assemble the VHSH, knew this well: some with a smile, some very focused, and one with his eyes closed!

DELLORTO carburators have accompanied generations of small and great champions. They are almost ninety years of an all-Italian company, led by a single family, and an industry that has always promoted research, technology and innovation; of a name that has always put itself in competition and in competitions. In fact, the brand boasts more than 500 World titles: road racing, track, motocross, enduro, Dakar, speed records, trials, supermotard and karting; supporting riders of every era, from Pagani, Ruffo, Tenni and Agostini to Biaggi, Capirossi, Rossi and Simoncelli.

Over the years, the company has gotten involved and has been able to expand its production to adapt to market demands and has invested in innovation and research. Important projects related to two- and four-wheeled vehicles-and not only-have been born, all the way to electrification.

Today the company equips the best motorcycles and cars on the market and has an important presence in international sports competitions such as motoGP (sole supplier of the ECU for the moto3 class and supplier of the data acquisition system in motoE), the Porsche Supercup (all 991 GT3s mount DELLORTO throttle bodies), The FIM MiniGP World Series a project dedicated to the growth of young champions (the PHBH equips all Ohvale motorcycles) and much more.

We owe all this to the CARBURATOR!

We invite you to take a virtual trip to our museum to savor the history, passion, innovation and motorsport:

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