DELLORTO celebrates 10 years of experience in moto3 and is ready for the sustainable revolution promoted by DORNA!

DELLORTO celebrates ten years of experience in Moto3™ as the sole supplier of the ECU, the electronic control unit that manages the injection system and data acquisition. To celebrate these ten years, DELLORTO launched the new ECU Do POWER 1, more performing, compact and lighter than the current one.

MotoGP™ has set its sustainability goal for the next 5 years: by 2024, fuels in all MotoGP™ classes will be 40% from non-fossil origin, and 100% fossil free by 2027.
The Moto3™ class will continue to be supplied by a single fuel provider. The sustainable fuel is so called “drop-in”, suitable for current engines.
DELLORTO is really proud to be part of this change and the experience gained in competitions, as usual for us, constantly supports the development of mass-production electronic injection systems.
In 2019 DELLORTO embraced the MotoE World Cup as official data acquisition supplier and, at the same time, began the development of electric powertrain for light motorcycles for urban mobility.
Regarding the mid and high-end motorcycles for travel and leisure, the internal combustion engine remains at the heart of customer preferences.
This is why DELLORTO is actively developing internal combustion engine management systems for the second phase of the EURO5 emissions regulation.
The concurrent sustainable fuel development for MotoGP™ might be also transferred to production motorcycles and fuel pumps on the street, achieving massive savings in greenhouse gas.
DELLORTO believes that electrification and sustainable fuels are both pieces of the jigsaw of the future mobility.