Meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising those of the future generation


Adopting SUSTAINABILITY as a business principle means including in one’s strategy, products and processes, a specific and unavoidable perspective for the entire PRODUCTION CYCLE: in other words, the aim is to generate long-term value, considering ALL ENVIRONMENTAL, SOCIAL and ETHICAL aspects that take part in the product’s life course, until its exhaustion.
In practice, it means efficiently and strategically managing the available resources – whether natural, financial, human, or relational; it implies involving one’s employees in the decision-making process, making them feel an integral part of the project and encouraging them, but also making the company’s core activities sustainable, studying solutions to implement efficiency in routine operations, or supporting local businesses in choosing suppliers, thus monitoring the supply chain.

2021 Sustainability Profile

Message from the Board – Dell’Orto S.p.A.: “In the sustainability profile we want to tell you who DELLORTO is today, but for doing it we want to remind you where we started: DELLORTO was established in 1933 from the engine passion of 3 brothers, from the first carburators for the main motorcycle industry to the 4-wheeler market. In almost 90 years of our history, the common denominator of this company is family. Over the years 3 generations have succeeded, leading the company to be a symbol of Made in Italy in the world market, cutting-edge products both in terms of technology and respect for the planet: mechanical and electronic throttle bodies, exhaust management systems (EGR valves), carburators, electronic control units, up to recent projects on electrification. Today DELLORTO, always attentive to the challenges that the market -but also the world in general-proposes, has decided to get involved not only from a technological and innovation point of view, but also by sharing its corporate values and strategies in the field of sustainability: from respect for the environment, human rights, people training to sustainable purchasing. We reach out to internal and external stakeholders to describe the current scenario and communicate how the company deals with it, with its challenges and difficulties, the goals it has set, the results it has achieved, and the new goals for the future. For DELLORTO sustainability means striving simultaneously for economic, social and environmental goals while giving them equal priority. DELLORTO wants to create lasting value, provide good working conditions and a positive influence for Human Rights, and manage the environment and resources with care.”

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