DELLORTO has always been involved in the world of sports competitions with high-performance technical supplies and since 2022 it has embraced the OHVALE project, through a technical collaboration aimed at the growth of talents all over the world.

In fact, OHVALE is the sole bike in the FIM MINIGP WORLD SERIES, the Dorna and FIM-sponsored initiative that aims to unify and standardize competitions for 10 to 14 years old in order to increase the skills and opportunities of young riders competing.

The partenership between DELLORTO and OHVALE involves the entire product range, starting from the OHVALE GP-0 110 4S which will be equipped with the DELLORTO PHBL 24 BS carburetor up to the OHVALE GP-0 160 and OHVALE GP-2 190 with the DELLORTO PHBH 28 BD carburetor, all with dedicated calibration and testing on DELLORTO benches.

All the carburetors used are specific for 4-stroke motorcycles, very reliable and particularly stable in different weather conditions. The collaboration extends technically in the DELLORTO Research & Development center, where we found the ideal carburetion through tests that provide the same methodology used for Moto3 and large displacement sport bike.