The Perfect Lap



A history of passion, hits, and teamwork sealed by three days event: a journey through the company to celebrate the “perfect lap”.

Cabiate (CO), May 9th, 2023

“Now it’s time to join the motion”. This is the claim DELLORTO, Italian worldwide leader company for the production of carburetors and electronic injection systems, has chosen to celebrate the prestigious goal of its 90 years anniversary. A tribute to movement that strongly recalls the motorsport world to which DELLORTO is always linked and is constantly next to during its endless evolution.

DELLORTO history – started in 1933 – stands out for its constant dynamism made of technological growth and research that today qualify Dellorto as a modern, sustainable, and fully integrated manufacturing company. Its is a daily will of action, care and passion started with the carburetors and now the company is proud of its production of injection systems, throttle bodies, electronic control units and electric components too.

In 2023 DELLORTO plays its perfect lap, strong of its 90 years history as leader in its field. A history where “The Perfect Lap” – this is the slogan of the exclusive event that tells of – focus on how this result does not represent a great final, but rather a starting point for new and further evolutions. A perfect lap that points to infinity.

During the celebrating event from 6th till 8th May, DELLORTO showed itself in 6 stops; it opened its doors and illustrated its history, achievements, and attention to the future through places and key points like the inside museum, the plant and Motorsport.

“We are the carburetor, but we are more than a product”. DELLORTO’s philosophy well explains how the company does not represent only the product they produce, but a set of values and above all people who – in these 90 years – has been able of being distinguish and appreciated for its Made in Italy know-how.

For and with these people DELLORTO wished to celebrate its 90 years history.

The event took few more days included a weekend totally dedicated to the workers and their families to party the goal as a real family.

Yesterday evening it was organized an event for customers and partners. It was a friendly moment to share the result jointly built through the past years. All guests had the chance to make an emotional

tour through the company starting from the museum till the R&D laboratories, passing through the assembling department to the foundry and machining area.

The company has been set up to this event and here below please see some insights:


“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the PERFECT LAP!

This event aims at celebrating 90 years of activities of DELLORTO with all of you, a history of passion that, you probably know, started with the carburetor, and comes from three generations.

And what better place to celebrate this important anniversary than at our home? Here is the place where everything is created, developed, and manufactured.

From our museum we start to retrace the main stages of our history, made by commitment, cleverness and success, everything MADE in BRIANZA.

In front of you, you can have a closer look to the historical products, among which you find the first carburetor REX. We are in 1933. In the museum we have collected the most iconic products that has marked our history during the years, for customers like Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Lamborghini, BMW and Piaggio…just to name a few.

On the other side, you find, instead, the products related to the motorsport. Consider that DELLORTO holds more than 500 world titles.

On the second floor, starting from the right, you can make a journey of 90 years. In the showcases you find a piece of every single product manufactured by DELLORTO. And if you are wondering why there are some empty showcases, the answer is simple: our journey is not over yet.

The visit of today is made up of 5 stages where you will discover the essence of DELLORTO.

And now follow me to the next stage!”


“Welcome to the 2° stop, where we celebrate the Italian spirit of our brand!

We would like to stress that DELLORTO is an Italian company, very proud to bring, all over the world, a product typically and exclusively “Made in Italy”, synonymous of design, quality and reliability.

In front of you can see two of our most representative products, being, even if in different ways and periods, two important stages of our history, marked both by common and racing items.

We can show you these two jewels, but, of course we did much more than that over our 90 years!

Our first product is the “ TA 17” carburetor, which went down in history due to the fact that it was fitting one of the most worldwide iconic two-wheeled vehicles: the “Vespa”, the Italian legend on two wheels for lots of generations, symbol of Made in Italy all over the world, acclaimed in the film “La Dolce Vita” by Federico Fellini. We are proud to be its beating heart!

DELLORTO’s activity is not limited to feed the most popular 4-wheelers and 2-wheelers vehicles in the market since, thanks to the big passion for the racing, we are even involved in motorsport domain supporting the competition teams.

In fact, you can see here our second product, the electronic throttle body supplied to Porsche and used in Porsche SuperCup, the most important competition for their category. DELLORTO, since 2018, is Porsche supplier.”


“Welcome to our Foundry; here the temperature is a constant all year round.

Here you can realize our production process, like in the show “how it’s done”.

In fact, we obtain our jewels from ingots of aluminum and Zama.

DELLORTO is an integrated company; all the stages of the production process are made in its plant in Cabiate.

Firstly, the aluminum/Zama ingot is melted at a temperature of 700°, it is poured into the die casting mould from which we obtain our raw product. After a procedure of trimming and shot blasting, it is sent to the machining department for precision mechanical machining.

The process is completed by assembling the tuning components, that we produce internally, in the assembly department. Now our product is ready to fit your cars and your motorcycles!”


“The boost coming from our passion has allowed us to compete along with the major two-and four wheels champions for several years.

The constant technological research and innovation have always been part of our DNA to race at the highest level for the unique aim: win together!

DELLORTO prides itself on its 500 world champion titles, road and track races, cross, enduro, Dakar, speed records, trial, supermotorad and kart; we have been supporting pilots of each period such as Giacomo Agostini, Lucio Cecchinello, Max Biaggi, Valentino Rossi, Marco Simoncelli, Andrea Iannone and today we are working with Aprilia with Vinales and Espargaro.

DELLORTO has always had a leading role in the light class of moto GP and as unique supplier of the electronic control unit at Moto 3 from 2021 till 2025.

Since 2019 we have also a majore role on Moto E project as exclusive supplier of the data acquisition system until 2026.

…now we let you experience the taste of victory… “Made in DELLORTO”


“Welcome everybody to DELLORTO 4.0

The high innovative know-how is one of our key features; we constantly invest in the industrial automation as well as in the technological integration aimed to renew the working process not only here in Cabiate but also at our Indian and Chinese production plants. The same quality standards are met and ensured by the whole DELLORTO Group.

In this department you can see some examples of robotic of current and future precision machining.

We now wish to take you on a journey through our company history to show you the various production technologies. We are proud to let you see the transfers to machine the carburettors. We have been developing and building these tools since the 60s.

Just to give you some figures, yearly we produce over 5.000.000 pcs including carburettors, throttle bodies, ECU and EGR valves.”


“DELLORTO believes in sustainable mobility.

For this reason we invest in research monitoring the market demand; we support the functional role of E-Fuel engines and invest in projects linked to electrification.

Thanks to our daily enthusiastic and competent approach we are able to take up the challenge to build a sustainable future.

Our E-POWER project offers a complete range of ELECTRIC POWERTRAIN developed for future light electric urban mobility.

In 2020, with the sponsorship of Regione Lombardia and the European Union we started, in collaboration with Italian partners , the CEMP project, a modular system of connected electric propulsion for small size vehicles.

Last year we started to develop the RIDE-BY WIRE INJECTION SYSTEM for motorcycles aimed to meet the demand of this new market.

Regarding the automotive field we are working on both on existing and new products to actively assist the ecological step.”