The Dell’Orto family speaks

“The Perfect Lapwas an opportunity to celebrate the story of 90 years of success, of a company that does not stand still and looks to the future. 


Our home

Together with you all, I would like to dwell on the reason why we are here tonight, in this building, at Cabiate, in Brianza; clearly I am not talking about the reason, which everybody knows. 

We could have chosen a different location as DELLORTO TEAM is good at participating and creating events too. 

It is written even on our poster how we love qualifying ourselves as a family, before being a brand. 

Well. What is the best location where a family would like to celebrate an important occasion?  


This is our home. Before we were placed at Seregno, now at Cabiate, in Brianza. 


I don’t think there could be a better place than this to celebrate who we are. 

This place makes you understand what we did in the past years, what we are doing now and where we will go in the future.  

The significant gesture of opening our home doors perfectly fits with our idea of generosity. And, of course, you are welcome. 

Story of a family

The reason why we are here tonight is because we all, in some way or competence, are part of this family. Or maybe because we just had the opportunity to know this family or this area to which we are strongly linked to.  We have a firm relationship with the automotive and racing world; a big reality that includes thousand facets and has been keeping running since 1933. 


Talking about home, family. Let me thank my wife and my sons. 

My mother. 

And again, I would like to thank my father and my grandfather, those who, thanks to their passion, talent and foresight had made all this possible. 


DELLORTO, beyond the simple catchphrases, is really a family history. 

A family that, beyond the relatives, has been able to grow and obtain its added value thanks to a TEAM where everybody has and carry out an essential task, from design to production. From development to management, marketing and sale. Everything is functional to each other.  

Everything is born and developed here. Where we are today. 


And I believe that of our secrets was and is being able to keep together all stages we daily do. 

HERE an idea is born, developed and realized, ready to be launched worldwide. 


I think this is Made in Italy or if you prefer, Made in Brianza. 


It is not simple to keep firm the link between what had been built by who came first, its area and the people that make it up. 


We are very proud of keeping together a family in the passion of the daily work. 

It is three generations that, since 90s, have been continuing the DELLORTO family name, synonymous with carburetor. 

A combination between family – or company if you prefer- and product that has a few comparisons in the world. 


Remembering our grandfather and talking about our father Giuseppe I have used – not by chance – a specific word. Foresight. This word describes our company key to success and we are always among the most experienced ones. 


Our forward-looking started in 1933, when DELLORTO produced the first carburetor named Rex. 

In 1940 we started producing high performance carburetors for sport applications and in 90s we entered the electronic injection market. 

So, we moved from the carburetors to the throttle bodies and even to the electronic control units (as the ones fitting Moto3 and MotoE applications). TODAY we produce complete powertrain for E-mobility.  


During these 90 years period our foresight has allowed us to grow and innovate constantly. We understand and bring forward the ecological TRANSATION. 


My biggest thanks go to our grandfather, he who along with his brothers created this entity. My warmest thanks to our father who had the difficult task to go ahead and manage the company at a crucial point in changing. 

By taking these opportunities we could grow and become a modern organization, but always true to our DNA. 


Our President has been able to make us grow, showing us the way as a family head and an authentic business Man. During the difficult period in 2008-2009 due to an economic situation he was able to make critical decisions…He decided to entrust and ensure the switch to the new generations, myself, my brother Luca and our cousin Davide. 

He proceeded not according a preestablished business plan, but behaving simply and firmly as he knew it was time to do it. 


Somebody could consider this a risky move. 

Or maybe it was a choice driven by that great quality of foresight that I have mentioned before. 

Time is a gentleman and I hope it will confirm it. 

I am grateful to my father, and to Luca and Davide. 

To Luca and Davide, I wish to say that every day I am positively touched by the strong understanding and skills by which we are connected, Beyond the surname and DNA that put us together in this DELLORTO family history. 

This is not something expected:  it is our genuine added value! 

To conclude

I would like to thank You all, Authorities, Customers, Suppliers, Partners and all the friends for being here to celebrate. Thank you for the attention you have dedicated to me. My thanks to the whole DELLORTO TEAM, to those who presently work or worked in the past allowing us to be who we are today creating unique products, which are source of pride for our country. 


I would like to conclude sharing with you a short paragraph: 

Finish lines are the most important things in the racing world. 

Crossing the finish line means to have been reliable inside the team. 

It means to have done all the finest to create the best conditions to whom has trusted us for reaching the goal. 

But the finish line does not represent the end. This is why I am talking in the plural. Once a race is over there is not so much time for enjoying or becoming sad for the result. 

The following race and finish line become the priority soon after the previous one. 

In the same way, our company history has taught us to look forward the finish lines we would cross without being to much satisfied of today’s achievements. 

But tonight, thanks to these 90 years history, we shall make an exception! 


It is a great pleasure for me seeing so many friends gathered here, and I want to thank you all for wanting to be present at this celebration! Customers, suppliers, partners, each of you is an important part of this DELLORTO.

I am very excited to think over our history. 

I had the privilege of learning from the Founders, my father and his brothers and I have the task and the honour of transferring my experience to these young people, Andrea, Luca and Davide, who with their impulse continue to give life and continuity to our company….

I hope that they, in turn, can lead to the fourth generation here. 


I always like to say that for Dell’Orto the concept of “family business” does not derive from the formal fact that the company is owned by the Dell’Orto family, but from the fact that my father Giuseppe created a real extended family: in the company people breathe a real attachment to the “head of the family”. 

His constant presence in the company, even at over 80 years of age, instils security and stability. He has managed to create that pride of belonging that is rarely seen in other companies. 

His actions in terms of social commitment, solidarity, as well as his propensity for innovation and business development, describe the trait of a man who has led and leads the company for more than 50 years, making it grow and overcoming the difficult moments, always safeguarding, and inculcating its important values. 

Personally, he gave me so much. I would say that I owe to him and to his constant example as a guide, all I am today. I could sum up in three words his main teachings: passion for work, respect for others and determination. 

A real man, an only father, even before a big businessman.


Thank you all. A special thanks to all the people who have worked assiduously in these weeks to realize this event. 

Really a beautiful evening all together, partners, clients, friends, united for this important anniversary, 90 years! Surely our grandparents would be very happy of this achievement and, above all, they would be grateful for the ability of the whole company at all levels to face the challenges of the market in all these years. 

We are in the third generation and, in order to be able to stay on the global automotive market, we have always focused and invested in the innovation of our products, processes and models, but an integral part of this path has also been the mentality, the competence, the passion, the commitment and the professionalism that all the PEOPLE who are part of Dellorto in Italy, India and China have put to face the various changes and new challenges to which they have been called. 

We have moved from a completely mechanical product to a mechatronic and electronic product, until we have arrived at the last challenge in the world of electric traction and batteries. 

We have passed through an Italian company to a small multinational with 5 companies outside our territory. 


All of this has been possible thanks to a fantastic team where the work merges with passion and respect for the VALUES that have distinguished us since 1933. 

In this process of innovation, we have not reasoned only at the level of individual companies, but we have worked to create a network of skills and excellence with our partners, suppliers and collaborators – some of whom are here – to aim towards an ECOSYSTEM concept. 

A thanks to all of them and to all the technical team of Dellorto. We are ready to win together again new future challenges. 


A special thanks to Giuseppe, who believed in the third generation leaving us freedom of action but guiding and supporting us by mixing his experience with the enterprise of the “young people” (former young). I guarantee you that it’s not an easy choice for an entrepreneur who has lived his life in this company, thank you very much. 

Thanks to Andrea and Luca, who created a perfect alchemy able to transmit harmony and unity of purpose to the whole group. 

A special memory also goes to my father who infused to me the passion for mechanics and electronics and the desire to never give up, he gave his contribution to this story as well. 

Thank you again and goodbye to 100 years. 

Andrea Dell'Orto
Andrea Dell'Orto
Luca Dell'Orto
Luca Dell'Orto
Davide Dell'Orto
Davide Dell'Orto