DoPe 2.0/3.0:

PC system requirement to install DoPe2.0.

Any version of Windows is suitable to run the SW. IOS is not supported.

How can I get the software pack?

DELLORTO supplies the software together with the ECU kit. Should you need to receive it again, just request it by sending an e-mail to moto3@dellorto.it.

How can I install DoPe2.0 on my computer?

Have a look to “How to begin” file in our Download section. ATTENTION! Unzip the software pack folder before clicking on the “setup” file.

Will my old data be visible after software upgrade (from DoPe1.0 to DoPe2.0)?

Yes, the new release will easily read the same file format.

How to update or upgrade my hardware key?

Please refer to “HowToUpdateHwKey” document in the download section.

I don't see the ECU.

Have you unzip the installationpack folder before processing the SW installation? Have you disabled the antivirus and the windsows firewall before processing the SW installation? Have you set the IP address? Then, on the right bottom corner of your monitor, look for a yellow triangle or a hand lens and clik on “REFRESH DEVICE” button. Now you should see the ECU. IMPORTANT: have a look at the “HOW TO BEGIN” document (download section).

I connected the ECU for the first time or for the first time after firmware update and the fuel pump seems not stopping.

Have you performed the tuning of the Throttle Gear Position (if used) and DC motor (if used) sensors? Please refer to “HOW TO BEGIN” document in the download section.

Which IP addresse uses the ECU?

The IP address is 10.1.116.x (where x is the ECU number). When the ECU number is above 256, the IP address changes in 10.1.118.x. Example: for ECU no. 55, the IP address is

How to enable the HIDDEN FOLDERS:


When I open MarData appears an error message: ``Connect DoPe ECU``.

Restart MarData, open MAT, select the conncted ECU in MAT (by clicking in the ECU list combobox), once you see your ECU in the ECU list combobox try to open a MAT table from the manu bar. Should the problem not solved, please request to moto3@dellorto.it the folder called “DOPE2.1.7z”, then close MarData, unzip the folder, copy the DOPE2.1 unzipped folder, paste it in the following path:

C:\Users\[userName]\AppData\Roaming\Dellorto\MARdata\ECU (if already exist replace it), in order to see the AppData please enable the option Show hidden folders/files…, open MARdata then MAT and try now to Open the MAT table.