the improved DELLORTO ECU

Do Power 1 is the electronic control unit developed by DELLORTO for the MOTO3 class; a product that marks an important step for DELLORTO that, in the last 10 years, focused its strategy on the electronic injection systems.

The ECU DoPe has been developed in two versions:



The RACE version is designated to be used during the races and is equipped with a rpm limiter, set to the value defined by the championship organizers. The FACTORY version is designated to development activities and allows the calibration in real time.


Dimension and Weight: 126x113x31mm, 400g mass
Material: Fully machined aluminum case with waterproof ventilation membrane
As connector: 55 poles gold plated
Injection: 2 independent low-pressure injectors
Ignition: 1 spark plug ignition driver output
Throttle by-pass: 1 stepper motor
Fuel Pump: 1 fuel pump driver (max-current <5 A)
Oxygen Sensor: 1 LSU 4.9 sensor (controller integrated in the ECU)
Engine Speed: 1 inductive sensor input (configurable flywheel tooth pattern)
Supply Voltage: 8 – 16,5V range
Data Acquisition: integrated in the ECU
Memory Size: 512 Mbyte
Acquisition Frequency: max 5kHz
Logging Channels: max 256 channels
Vehicle Communication Line: CAN 2.0B (1Mbit/s)
ECU-PC Communication Line: Ethernet 10/100
Compatible: with Dellorto 5 and 6-axis IMU

DoPe3.0 ECU Highlights:

Suspension zeroing (works with RECOMMENDED DoDash)
Intelligent Fuel Pump Drive
DELLORTO Inertial Measurement Unit processing
Launch Test feature (works with RECOMMENDED DoDash)
Engine Kill display message (works with RECOMMENDED DoDash)
Lap Counter (works with RECOMMENDED DoDash)
Electrical diagnosis of EWT
Enhanced DoDash visualization
Added a new, third, DoDash rider page
Added Race Direction penalty message (works with RECOMMENDED DoDash)
Storage of current session MAX RPM and MAX TH20 (to be displayed in mech page of DoDash)
Enhanced Tair, pair, TH2O corrections
Fully independent AntiJerk and AntiJerkSpeed strategies
Idle control with different gains for different control frequency

DoPE 2.0

(Previous model, out of production)

Main Features (DoPE 2.0)

Unit Integrated engine management and data acquisition

Fully machined anodized light alloy case
55-way military connector
Integrated Lambda Controller
Four-dimensional injection control maps for upper and lower injectors
Four-dimensional ignition advance control maps
Engine brake and quick gear shift management
Three sets of handlebar switchable maps
Transient dynamic plus air-box pressure and temperature compensations
Option for traction control and launch control
Integrated data acquisition through 15 analog inputs and Can line
CAN interface dashboard
Ethernet PC communication line
4 additional analogue channel became available
2 of the new 4-analogue channels feature an higher sampling frequency
6 analogue channels are now available with 12-bit resolution
DC-motor closed-loop control and knock sensor controls will be no longer available