We put our heart in your engine. You always demand the best.

Your engine may have a fake, potentially dangerous “heart”.


It is not a novelty but unfortunately in recent years cases of product counterfeiting are having a rapid expansion, also in the field of spare parts and engine components. Accomplice on the one hand the huge spread and use of online sales platforms, which we do not demonize, on the contrary, but which, while facilitating and simplifying the availability of a component, on the other hand they do not always protect and guarantee that what you get home is then in accordance with the description of what you bought and that above all is an original replacement.  

But this is just one side of the coin. It happens that a counterfeit “DELLORTO” can also be found on the market even in physical stores of spare parts although the cases are fortunately more circumscribed and the possibility of touching “with hand” the product can help a lot to understand its quality, discouraging any rash purchases. 

So, how to recognize an original DELLORTO? Here are some details that never as in a delicate component such as a carburetor, the heart of our engines, can make a difference, not only in terms of performance and reliability but above all safety.

  1. “Compatible” but not original product: on several websites this information remains deliberately hidden at the bottom and written very small. In most cases, although the product is not original, the DELLORTO logo is inserted in the graphic. At each report or through targeted periodic checks, we contact the seller and have the image or any other reference to DELLORTO improperly attributed to the product sold removed. 
  2. Counterfeit product with DELLORTO stamping on the piece: cases detected mostly in the past, now with legal actions taken the phenomenon is fortunately reducing drastically. 
  3. Identical products without DELLORTO stamping on the component. 
  1. Product code: sometimes it is not the same but very similar (example: ORIGINAL DELLORTO PHBN 17.5 > counterfeit: YSN 17.5) 
  2. Material: usually different from original (see comparison IMAGE): both for casting and plastic accessories 
  3. Price: in the past the counterfeit parts were much cheaper, now just to further confuse and deceive the buyer they have prices aligned with the originals 
  4. Also pay attention to spare parts. Often counterfeit jets, pins, valves are sold. In original DELLORTO spare parts, all of the calibration parts are marked INC.

These products do not always work properly and may seriously damage your motor. A damage for you and for us who put the DELLORTO brand only on our high quality products, strictly MADE IN ITALY. 

To stay reassured, we suggest buying products ONLY from the official DELLORTO dealers (worldwide) that you can find on the webpage sales network.