DELLORTO, after a very successful season, reconfirms its presence alongside AC Monza. The two companies share a strong bond with their home territory – Brianza – and have always proudly brought Made in Italy to the world, on a path made of passion, constant dedication, talent and shared values, such as professionalism and sportsmanship.

A partnership that goes beyond the limits of the mere company-team relationship. A deep connection that lays its foundation on the values of unity, cohesion and closeness. An approach that allows us to face the challenges of the future together, with determination and a desire to achieve great results. Not as two distinct brands, but as one family.

Therefore, also for AC Monza, “Now, it’s time to join the motion.” The celebration of DELLORTO’s 90th anniversary continues through a crucial partnership not only for the people of Monza, but for the entire Brianza area. Both companies, in fact, are deeply rooted in the local community and are actively committed to promoting its development.

If Brianza represents the racetrack, passion for sports is the driving force behind the partnership between DELLORTO and AC Monza. Both believe in the power of sports to connect people, inspire new generations and promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Through soccer, a vehicle of emotions and values, DELLORTO intends to continue to stimulate passion and community involvement.

Andrea Dell’Orto – Vice President Dell’Orto S.p.A.: “We are proud of the great success of this first season in Serie A. As Adriano Galliani says, since DELLORTO has been on the Monza uniform, the climb from Serie D to Serie A has begun, so we have the commitment to stand by the team, to keep winning together! Always …Dai Bagaj!

Adriano Galliani – CEO AC Monza commented: “The history between AC Monza and DELLORTO shows that long-lasting relationships are still possible. We are really happy to continue this sponsorship that began in the days of Serie D. United by the passion and attachment to the jersey as always, we are ready to face together with DELLORTO the second season in the history of Monza in Serie A.