Technical Department

Dellorto technical department offers a 360° design service, in accordance with the Customer requirements and application layouts. Dellorto proposes itself as a development partner for mechanical, electronic and mechatronic components, as well as the design and realization of the equipments for the components industrialization and the relevant product validation.

The technical department is composed of four main areas:

  • Mechanical design
  • Electronic design
  • Industrialization
  • Laboratories for tests, validation and calibration

The mechanical design department develops the project using the most innovative 3D technology and structural, dynamic, thermal and fluid dynamics simulations.

The electronic department develops mechatronic actuation, as well as the hardware, firmware and software design of the engine control units for injection systems.

Besides the product development, Dellorto’s technical Staff designs and manufactures both the fixtures and the assembling lines for mass production made in Italy even for Indian and China Companies.

In addition, the R&D laboratories test all the product design step, from the concept to the mass production, including the complete product validation in accordance to the Customer specifications.

Dellorto, managing all the design steps of its products and systems, guarantying to the Customer the best performance, quality and reliable solutions.

Dell’Orto’s technical department flexibility allow quick replies and customized solutions to reach the best customer service.

Dellorto is the perfect technical partner for design, development, validation and production of automotive and two-wheeler components.