PHBG 90 Anniversary

Unveiled during the 2023 edition of Eicma, the updated version of the iconic carburetor was created to celebrate the company’s 90th anniversary. A must-have collector’s item, but that’s not all!

Specifically designed for racing use only, compared to the “standard” PHBG the 90th edition, it boasts among other improved specifications a 15 percent increase in air flow rate, a more prompt delivery thanks to a new Venturi geometry, a new Teflon anti-friction treatment of the throttle valve, and a chromed Avional mixture chamber cover.

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  • Black coloured carburettor body for cataphoresis painted
  • Choke Ø 19 o 21 mm
  • For 2 stroke engine
  • Screwed plated avional value cover
  • Piston-type teflon coating
  • Oil intake joint
  • Vacuum joint
  • Independent starting circuit
  • Idling system with jet and mixture adjusting screw
  • Main circuit with mechanical adjustment by means of a conical needle
  • Aluminium float camber with central screwed plug for an easy jet’s disassembly
  • Elastic fitting connection Ø 25
  • Air inlet connection M32 x 1,25 mm for trumpet or union assembly

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