Brake Pads

TRW offers motorcycle brake pads to suit every class, sector and grade of motorcycle.
With thirteen different friction compounds on offer, for more than 7.000 motorcycle models, you can source replacement that maximise safety and performance for touring and sport bikes, custom bikes, scooters and off-roaders, quads and ATVs.
Each compound – organic, sintered or carbon – offers high braking power and maximum comfort, thanks to features such as precise adaptability, stable pressure point and extreme resistance to thermal stress.
Life and safety are also guaranteed by the patented NRS technology (NUCAP RETENTION SYSTEM) used in many types of support plates. With NRS, the backing plates feature a special hook profile that’s permanently embedded into the lining material. The lining holds firm under the most extreme thermal and mechanical conditions, enabling a motorcycle replacement brake pad that brings the best possible safety and performance.
All pad materials for motorcycle brake parts are free of asbestos and the European production guarantees the compliance to the highest environmental standards.
All brake pads have ABE homologation and can be combined with all TRW brake discs, as well as, of course, their original discs.



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