From carburetors and injection systems to electronic control units. Dellorto Spa is today a totally integrated company that has been able to affirms itself both at national and international level thanks to its values, high professionalism and expertise that made Dellorto products unique in the world of the two and four wheels, beyond its know-how and the relations established in more than eighty years of uninterrupted activity of research, production and distribution of automotive systems.

The company was founded in 1933 in Seregno, then moved to Cabiate, where it is now located and world-renowned both by its customers and the most passionate followers as a unique and irreplaceable combination of “MOTORSPORT and PASSION”. The most advanced technological knowledge is another Dellorto trade mark; just think about its tight bond with Industry 4.0, the latest technological project of industrial integration aimed to bring the companies to the highest standard of modernization.

Modernity and its purest sporty spirit can be also found in the presence of the company in sports competition such as the MotoGP -since 2012- as well as in the latest news such as the introduction of the clothing collection: a fresh and young, smart and dynamic.

On July 2017 Dellorto became the exclusive distributor of Eni i-Ride, a line of high performance lubricants created by Eni for all types of motorcycles and scooters.

On February 2018 has been signed a joint venture agreement with Varroc in order to reinforce the Dellorto presence on the Indian market.

In 2019 starts a cooperation with Energica Motor Company for the development and production of dedicated “Power Units” for EVs of small and medium sizes