EICMA: Milan, 09th-12th November 2017

Hall 9, booth N62

“Racing performance every day”

The Italian company, active in the air-fuel system field since 1933, confirms its presence at EICMA (in Milan), the main 2-wheel worldwide exhibition.

Among the shown products, take on particular importance the electronic injection systems (EMS), born by the long-time experience in the sector, gaining a remarkable success on track, where the company has been appointed as exclusive ECU supplier for the Moto3 category.

The “Easy” EMS is a simplified system, easily integrated on vehicles by the virtualization of some sensors.

The “Smart” EMS is instead presented with a whole range of features able to satisfy the most demanding applications.

The three key components of Dellorto EMS are the throttle body, the electronic control unit and the fuel pump module, with a high level of flexibility bringing the best solution for the specific needs of each applications. The racing throttle body manufactured by the Italian company will be shown together with the Aprilia WSBK2015.

The throttle bodies are available in a wide range of diameters, integrated temperature and air pressure sensors, as well as injectors and fuel rail, up to configure integrated modules for air/fuel supply. Alongside the traditional mechanical throttle bodies actuated by the accelerator cable, today are available electronic throttle bodies, not only for large multi-cylinder engines, but also for single-cylinder engines of small displacement.

The compact electronic control units have been specifically developed for the 2-wheel, combining the functionality typically used on motorcycles with the advanced diagnostic and recovery systems, fulfilling the latest OBD regulations.

The fuel pump modules are one of the most recent development and allow the assembling on both lower and upper side of the tank, giving the possibility to fit the pump and related filters, pressure regulators and level sensors too.

Besides the electronic fuel injection systems, Dellorto continues the development of the electronic fuel system (ECS) as an affordable solution for both European low-power moped engines and small engines for the Asiatic markets.

During the 75th worldwide exhibition, Dellorto presents the NEW CLOTHING COLLECTION inspired by the quality that always energies your and our passion!

Come to visit us: Hall 9 – Booth N62

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