DELLORTO renews partnership with Dorna Sports in the world championship™

As the FIM Enel MotoE™ World Championship enters a new, exciting era with Ducati, DELLORTO is proud and enthusiastic to continue working alongside Dorna Sports in the electric class.
DELLORTO has a long and proud partnership with Dorna that began back in 2012 when we became an official Moto3™ supplier, before being named the Official Data Acquisition partner of MotoE™ in 2019. This partnership was part of the DELLORTO E-POWER initiative towards development in electrification.
The Italian company has been an ever-present figure in the World Championship. From 50cc to 500cc, DELLORTO has made winning carburetors, and over the years, production has expanded towards fuel injection components and systems, including throttle body, electronic control units, fuel pump module and sensors, up to the E-power projects – all of which will enter into production in 2023.
The new MotoE™ kit, jointly defined with the new official manufacturer, Ducati, includes an updated Do DATA analysis SW, a new generation tyre temperature and pressure monitoring system (TPMS), along with new brake pressure sensors and suspension stroke sensors for front and rear wheels.

Andrea Dell’Orto – Vice President of Dell’Orto S.p.A.: DELLORTO are fully behind Dorna’s future vision for motorcycle racing, with MotoGPTM leading the way towards positive change – including the soon-to-begin new era of sustainable fuels and the parallel parth of sustainable innovation on show in MotoETM. We’re proud to have a constant presence in the MotoGP™ paddock, as well as everyday life – from the racing world to urban mobility.