DELLORTO Motorsport Remote Garage

Cabiate, July 15th 2020 – DELLORTO Motorsport Remote Garage

The MotoGP world championship will finally see the riders on track.

To better manage this new context , DELLORTO has activated a “remote garage” for technical verification and support the teams on track. The new security measures do not allow our engineers to move freely between one pitbox and another, therefore the “remote garage” is the best solution.

DELLORTO, as official supplier of electronic injection for Moto3 class and data acquisition system for MotoE class, will be able to respond in real time to all the technical requests of the teams and perform the technical verification in cooperation with the organizers.

Our engineers, coordinated by Paolo Colombo, will be working from our headquarter exchanging data and information with the teams on track. The “remote garage” in Motorsport is the equivalent of the “smart working” that the Italian company of electronic injection systems has chosen to better cope with the lock-down and the new lifestyle that we all are experiencing.

Thanks to DELLORTO’ technology it will be possible to access a virtual ECU: using the data acquisition files, our engineers will be able to access a “virtual” ECU, through an exclusive solution implemented -some years ago- in our software, which has proved to be very useful when we cannot to connect directly to the ECU

Beyond the pure technical aspect, the “DELLORTO remote garage” aims at maintaining a high level of interpersonal relationship, which is important in the racing world, waiting to return to live in close contact with the MotoGP family.