The consortium aims to set a common standard for enhancing electric mobility.
Ready to contribute together with other prestigious members to the urban mobility of the future.

DELLORTO joins the Swappable Batteries Motorcycle Consortium (SBMC) and takes up the increasingly critical challenge of improving mobility and air quality in urban areas.
And it does so by joining the European Consortium for Swappable Batteries, which wants to spread interchangeable (swappable) battery filling stations in European cities. Future battery swapping stations will allow recharging to be as quick and easy as a regular refueling.
Consortium members aim to facilitate urban use of “L” category electric vehicles such as mopeds, scooters, motorcycles, tricycles and quadricycles. The consortium, established in 2021, has a growing number of participants, including vehicle and battery manufacturers, energy and charging system suppliers, research institutes and mobility industry associations.
The goal of the consortium is to gather all the experience and expertise needed to define and promote shared technical specifications, with the aim of supporting electrification that meets the needs of the environment, customers, cities and the economy. Swappable batteries will be able to be used on different brands and models, and will be available at SBMC battery swap stations.
The consortium is working with leading national and international organizations to introduce this standard on European territory and spread it worldwide as well. The specifications defined by the consortium will be verified with a series of scheduled tests starting in 2023 and continuing in 2024 to ensure functionality, safety and reliability.
This technology will dramatically reduce charging times, eliminate runtime anxiety, and reduce costs for end users. In addition, standardization will facilitate interoperability, reuse and recycling of batteries for a second life, fulfilling the need for a circular economic approach that can support any business model related to interchangeable batteries.
DELLORTO is proud to contribute with its know-how to the achievement of these important and challenging goals related to the urban mobility of a future that, thanks to all the actors in the Consortium, we are sure, will be ever closer, accessible and green.

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