By the resolution of 31/10/2018, DELLORTO Board of Directors, adopted the Organisation Management and Control Model pursuant Leg. Decree n. 231/2001, which introduced the “Regulations governing the administrative lability of legal persons, companies and associations including those without legal status” in the Italian legal system, adopting a Code of Ethics and appointing a Supervisory Board.

The Code of Ethics is an integrated part of the Organisation Management and Control Model and it pinpoints the values and principles which inspire and characterize the Company’s conduct and which other parties of interest should comply with when dealing with and on behalf of DELLORTO.

The Supervisory Board is an internal company body responsible for the control on the functioning and compliance of the adopted Organisation Management and control Model as well as of the Code of Ethics: its contact address is

Compliance with the Model shall be adopted by all subjects dealing with and on behalf of Dell’Orto S.p.A, whether members of the bodies, employees, associate workers or third parties.