Dellorto manufactured the first carburettor with acronym SC 26 -commercialized as Rex-. The three founders developed the first carburettors for the main motorcycles manufacturers such as Guzzi, Benelli and Piaggio, performing all production phases (diecasting, mechanical machining and assembly) by creating a strategy which was not limited to the component manufacturing, but which controlled the whole production chain.




When production of high performances carburettors for motorsport applications started, Dellorto manufactured the new SS series of carburettors in aluminum. A treatment, preventing corrosion, resulted in a dark red color that well identified this series for long time. One double float bowl is added to the R series for the purpose of improving the fuel level management, keeping it constant.


With the second generation of carburattors, Dellorto extended its interest to the 4-wheel drive world, supplying companies such as Innocenti, Alfa Romeo, Ford, Lotus, Lancia and others. Besides the motorcycle and passenger-car production, Dellorto enlarged its business to industrial engines (mower, generator, etc..) too.


A new component, dedicated to the injection engine, the Throttle Body, was developped. Dellorto, always focused and interested in new solutions, studied and developed products in partnership with its customers, obtaining the demanded results. Dellorto's engineers developped the best air-fuel systems with respect to the national and international environment standards.


From 2000, the third generation of Dell’Orto’s family entered the company, ensuring the continuity that always characterizes its business. The focus of this period is concentrated on Diesel Throttle bodies, in particular for top Customers such as FIAT and Renault, strengthening the existing partnership.


Ever appreciated for its power, agility and lightness, the future of the 2-stroke engine seemed to be compromised by Euro3 norms, compulsory from 2007. Against any preconceptions, Dellorto studied and developed the Electronic Carburetion System (ECS), which, for the first time, allowed a 2-stroke engine to respect the new heavy limits on pollution emissions. The ECS manages the injection and carburetion in function of engine rpm and gas opening, following mappings similar to those used in an electronic injection system. In addition to the above, a delocalization in India started with the establishment of Dell'Orto India Private Limited.


After the passenger-car, the motorcycle entered the new technological era of Drive by Wire, too, and Dellorto decided to use the know-how acquired by many years of experience in the 4-wheel drive world. The production of the new EGR valve began, which allowed Dellorto to enlarge its product range for new generation diesel engines. These projects were developed in the new Italian R&D Centre, while stronger partnerships reinforced the company growth.



People Car is the name that identifies the new car model increasingly used in developing countries. Certainly the Tata Nano is the icon of this new phase for the automotive industry and Dellorto designs and manufactures the Throttle Bodies used by the Indian manufacturer to produce this new ideas of car.


The new high-performances Aprilia and BMW superbikes officially entered the market and Dellorto is pleased to announce to be involved in the main projects of the European Manufacturers, which are seducing the market with their technology and design. Aprilia releases its evolved RSV4 pipeline system with variable geometry, perfectly integrated with the Drive-by-Wire system. For the S1000RR (4-stroke engine), a motorized Throttle Body System was introduced, with a DELLORTO&BMW innovative patent for safety and Drive-by-Wire electronic support.



From the experience and passion for the racing world, Do Design was established as a new commercial business unit, dedicated to motorcycle products sales and design, production and distribution of Private Labels. New important cooperation with teams, motorcycle manufacturers and riders are strengthened. The production of EGR valves for diesel engines keeps growing and Dellorto is the reference supplier for Customers such as FIAT and GM.


Dellorto is appointed by the International Motorcycle Federation as exclusive ECU supplier for the new MOTO3 category for three seasons, 2012-2014. DoPe is the name of the unit which performs all the racing motor management activities with software calibration and data acquisition.

Moto3 ECU

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In the year of its 80th anniversary, Dellorto continues its business with great partnerships. Thanks to a technical agreement with Bosch Group in 2012, Dellorto started the production of motorized throttle bodies for customers, high level application and aftermarket demand. The partnership enlarges with the distribution of Bosch products through Dellorto sales network in the national market.


Dellorto reaffirms its presence as exclusive supplier for three seasons, 2015-2017. The Electronic Control Unit has been implemented and starts with a successful season.

Immagine ECU 2



On its 85th anniversary, Dellorto continues its business towards great projects.

Dellorto has signed  a strategic joint venture with VARROC  to develop Fuel injection systems in the Indian market and worldwide. This is a very important milestone for Dellorto in the development of the new EFI system: Monnalisa. The goal is to enlarge company vision towards worldwide prospective being a global system integrator for 2 wheeler and 3 wheeler vehicles.