Dell’Orto India

In a strategic development project, in line with the new global market demands, Dellorto decided to invest its knowledge into a new important project.

In September 2009 the joint venture company Dell’Orto India Private Limited, founded in 2006 with the cooperation of a local partner, becomes 100% Italian-owned and Dell’Orto’s family kept the whole ownership, over 80-years well-established tradition of Dellorto S.p.A.
The Board is in fact managed by Ing. Andrea Dell'Orto who actually is the Chairman.

Dell’Orto India Private Limited, after a beginning based on the production and export of carburettors for the European market, has consolidated its position on the Indian market with the production, started in 2008, of Throttle Bodies for recreational vehicles (ATV for Bombarbier-Rotax Mexico) and for the Indian automotive market, manufacturing the Throttle Body for the TATA NANO "small car". Furthermore, in the first months of 2009, began an important business for another Throttle Body for the Renault Logan "low cost car".

In 2012 the plant moved from Delhi to Punet province, where the main Automotive Companies are based. The new high-tech plant is established in accordance with the Italian experience and know-how, respecting the European quality standards.

During 2013, some important partnerships -with top Indian manufacturers- are undertaken, one with Bajaj in particular, both for the local production of the mechanical throttle body for the 2-wheel application destined for the local market and KTM brand, and the local production of the electronic oil pump for 3-wheel application. There started a new project with Piaggio Group for the production of the mechanical throttle body for 2-wheel application, both for Vietnam and European markets. The potential local production of the Electronic Throttle Body for OEM application is currently under evaluation and development.

On February 2018 a strategic joint venture with VARROC has been signed to develop Fuel injection systems in the Indian market. This is a very important milestone for Dellorto in the development of the new EFI system: Monnalisa. The goal is to enlarge company vision towards worldwide prospective being a global system integrator for 2 wheeler and 3 wheeler vehicles.