Dell’Orto China

In line with the strategic internationalization plan set after 2 years of continuous research and analysis of the Chinese market, in 2011 Dellorto decided to establish a new technical and commercial site in China, Dell’Orto Shanghai trading company.

Dellorto's main focus on the Chinese market is orientated on the 2-wheel sector, proposing the closed-loop electronic carburettor (ECS CLC) as an extremely competitive solution to efficiently and effectively overcoming the new China Stage III regulations.

Besides the ECS system, Dellorto is promoting the innovative entry-level injection system (EASY EFI) for high-powered motorbikes, designed to meet the needs of developing countries and fully produced in China.

The Chinese market confirms Dellorto‘s strategy of approaching developing markets with products specifically designed and customized for local needs, as well as locally produced, not only MADE IN CHINA, but also - and mainly - MADE FOR CHINA.

In the near future, it is under evaluation, to take the opportunity to enlarge the commitment even in the automotive business, in particular for the development of motorized throttle bodies and EGR.