25 million DELLORTO throttle bodies in the field!

July 7th 2021

For over 40 years our throttle bodies have equipped the best motorcycles and cars on the market, more than 25 million pieces are currently on the field.

The throttle bodies are available in a wide range of diameters, temperature and air pressure integrated sensors, as well as injectors and fuel rails, up to air/fuel integrated modules.

Alongside the traditional mechanical throttle bodies operated by cable, are now available the electronic throttle bodies not only for large-displacement multi-cylinder engines, but also for single-cylinder engines with small capacity and for all automotive applications.

Solutions for 1 to 4 cylinder engines are available for the electronic throttle bodies. Thanks to a new patented solution, it is possible to manage the main throttle and a secondary throttle with a single actuator, used at low speeds to improve driveability and emissions

Throwback: starting from the 1980s, the automotive market began its evolution, the future was the electronic injection and a new specific component for injection engines was born, the throttle body.

DELLORTO, always attentive and focused on new solutions, study and design products in partnership with customers, developing the best power systems in full respect of the planet. Following the regulations is an obligation, going beyond them is the moral commitment that the DELLORTO management places at the first place for each project.

Important partnerships are born with the main motorcycle and car manufacturers that at first used the mechanical throttle bodies for gasoline engines and then, around the 2000s, the electronic throttle bodies for both gasoline and diesel engines.

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