DELLORTO si conferma Data Acquisition partner della FIM Enel MotoE™ World Cup

Cabiate, 27 Aprile 2021

DELLORTO si conferma Data Acquisition Partner della MotoE fino al 2022. Un’estensione di un anno che consolida la partnership con Dorna Sports e rafforza il know-how dell’azienda nel campo dell’elettrificazione. Di seguito il comunicato ufficiale.

A one-year contract extension sees the Italian company remain on board with MotoE™ until at least 2022

Dorna Sports is proud to announce a contract extension with Dell’Orto that will see the Italian company remain as the Official Data Acquisition partner of the FIM Enel MotoE™ World Cup for at least another season. Dell’Orto became the Official Data Acquisition partner of MotoE™ in 2019 and supplies a state-of-the-art system including data logger, inertial measurement unit, tyre monitoring system, and suspension and brake sensors.

Headquartered in Lombardy and a long term partner of Dorna Sports, Dell’Orto has also been the sole ECU supplier for the lightweight class of Grand Prix racing since 2012; an agreement recently extended until 2025. The news that the company will also remain on board as the Official Data Acquisition partner of MotoE™ serves to strengthen the partnership between Dell’Orto and Dorna Sports further, maintaining the breadth of Dell’Orto’s vital presence within the MotoGP™ paddock.

Andrea Dell’Orto, DELL’ORTO S.p.A. Executive Vice President: “After two seasons, we are more than happy about MotoE: we had the chance to interact with the main players in the electric world and with excellent engineers. We have noticed great interest by press and a positive feedback by the most important motorcycle manufacturers and suppliers. MotoE project was very important for DELLORTO as brought us into a new era: electrification!

“From our point of view, in the near future, sustainable mobility will ask for different solutions in which electric propulsion and combustion engine will co-exist. Dell’Orto wants to take part in this challenge.”

Pau Serracanta, Managing Director at Dorna Sports: “I’m delighted to announce this agreement and see Dell’Orto remain the Official Data Acquisition partner of MotoE. A trusted partner of the Cup since 2019 and of Moto3 since 2012, Dell’Orto is a vital part of the success of our sport and especially MotoE. In extending our partnership I’m glad to confirm that they will remain so into the future.”