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Dellorto borns in 1933 as manufacturer of carburetors in the motorcycle industry, immediately appreciated by the main manufacturers of that period, such as Guzzi, Benelli, Piaggio and Aprilia.

Seven years later, in 1940, Dellorto joins the sport industry by realizing the SS series in aluminum.

In 1960 arrives the second-generation-carburator, those for the 4-wheels, and Dellorto becomes the official supplier of Alfa Romeo, Ford, Lotus, Innocenti, Lancia and others, never stopping the research of new products for the 2-wheels.

In the early 90’s starts the production of the first injection’ systems.



Prior to the new millennium, Dellorto becomes a S.p.A. Company and internationalizes its presence leaving the European boundaries towards the Indian and Chinese markets.

Thanks to its research and the huge investments, in 2011 Dellorto develops an Electronic Control unit (ECU), with software calibration and data acquisition, which manages the racing motor. With this product, Dellorto becomes official supplier for the Moto3.


Dellorto in a videogame (RIDE - Milestone) - Friday, May 15, 2015
Congrats to Milestone that after years of hard work has brought the two-wheels in the virtual world making a videogame really true "RIDE".....
2015 - DIESEL of the Year - Thursday, April 30, 2015
DIESEL OF THE YEAR: Kohler 3404, equipped with Dellorto EGR valve!
UniBO motorsport's PROJECT - Tuesday, April 28, 2015
"The manufacturing of our new throttle body is finally complete, thanks to the well known experience of Dellorto, always a guarantee! Thanks for your valuable support!" UniBO